Welcome to the Calzavara Corral!!!   
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                                   Mrs. Calzavara

                                       4th grade Math

                                           4th grade Social Studies

                                       4th grade Science
    I'm looking forward to the learning days ahead with your child.  I truly enjoy my job and working with children.  This is my 18th year with Eastland Schools.  It has been my experience that communication with parents is important to ensure a rewarding educational experience for everyone.  I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is essential for maximum school success.  I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 
You can call me at school 815-864-2300 or send me a note or message.   
My e-mail address is:
 Please check your child's book bag, folder and planner for updated news, assignments and other information so that he/she will be prepared for all classroom activities. 
                                        Let's "Saddle Up" for a Great Year!
Grading policy:  
Grades are figured on a point basis.  Each assignment is worth a number of points, usually the same number of questions there are in the assignment.  Letter grades are given according to the following scale:  A 100-93%, B 92-85%, C 84-76%, and D 75-70%.  Classroom behavior and on-time assignments are also weighted and averaged into the final quarter grades.   Grades are not carried from quarter to quarter.  Each quarter is a chance to restart.  We update grades online once a week or more.
(No extra credit is given)
 Classroom Rules/expectations:                       
      "Range Rules" :
                   ~ Respect Others
                         ~ Raise your hand and wait to be called on before talking
                                  ~ Stay in your seat unless you have permission to get up
                          ~Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself 

                          ~Follow directions the first time they are given

 Materials needed: 
Materials students need to bring to class are:  planner, textbook, workbook, expandable folder, homework and pencil case.